ICE and CBP have a long history rooted in racism and xenophobia that continues to this day. Read @UnitedWeDream’s report on these immigration agencies and why we must #DefundHate! #fakeemergency #nowall

Giving more money to ICE = Giving more money to arresting children and their families. Congress has to stop any money going to ICE, CBP, or Trump's border wall. ☎️ CALL Congress to #DefundHate: 210-702-3059


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"Few Americans were in a buying mood, and [...] mortgages were harder to come by [...] [the government] launched a pilot program that allowed private investors to easily purchase foreclosed homes by the hundreds from the government agency Fannie Mae..."

Congratulations DCTA and DPS for coming to an agreement that invests in Denver teachers! 

Felicidades DCTA y DPS por su compromiso a investor en los maestros de Denver!

#DCTAstrong #RedForEd

WOW! Congratulations Oregon!
"The Oregon Senate voted 17-11 Tuesday to make Oregon the first state in the nation to adopt statewide rent control and make it harder for landlords to evict tenants without a reason."

UNE stands in solidarity with DCTA teachers strike!

Estamos en solidaridad como UNE con los maestros de DCTA en su huelga!

#DCTAstrong #RedForEd #Solidarity