When we can’t afford child care and when pay increases don’t meet the pace of housing cost increases...“Well, at least the economy is doing well.” The economy is not doing well if the people living in it can’t enjoy


Susan Brunette has worked for the past 11 years at Perkins. She wants to take two weeks off to care for her boys after surgery.

“We don’t get any paid time off, so every day I miss at work is just unpaid,” she said.



"We are getting ready for the work ahead of us and we can't do this alone. We need you, those most impacted by theses issues to join us. We are the experts in this issue because we are living it."

"We have counted your VOTE for the issue mostly impacting you, your family and our community.

As 80010 community we have decided Housing is the issue we as UNE will be focusing on."

"Whatever your reasons for low wages. Be skin color, religion, immigration status or criminal history. We are all together in our 80010 struggle." - Thomas