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5 days ago ACTION ALERT TODAY: Ingrid Encalada Latorre’s partner, Eliseo, was detained, out of the blue, by six immigration and customs enforcement agents this afternoon. Ingrid, her family, and her community will hold a press event at 6:00 pm UNEcolorado photo
5 days ago
Ravi Ragbir was detained today by ICE during a regular check-in appointment.
We need your help to secure his release & halt his deportation. #IstandwithRavi
UNEcolorado photo
6 days ago
Minimum wage is increasing 1-1-2018, but it’s not enough. "Wages are stuck in a Grinch-like grip that is squeezing the value from their labor." via @DenverPost #copolitics #livingwage
7 days ago
Between 2012 and 2016, average rents increased six times faster than wages (42% vs. 7%). The increase to the minimum wage is progress, but we have to KEEP FIGHTING! Source: Colorado @BLS_gov UNEcolorado photo
4 weeks ago
We are thrilled to see the development of Eaton Street Apartments in Westminster. This is a development first of it's kind with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units all under 60% AMI. UNE leader Maria Ibarra says, "This is the kind of development we need in our communities!" @westminsterco
4 weeks ago
“And then a powerful brown woman told me: you belong to a movement. And that movement is undocumented & UNAFRAID....Years later we’re taking Congress!!”- Eli Cuna, @UNITEDWEDREAM National Field a Director