United for a New Economy (UNE) is a multiracial community organization building people power and developing leaders in the cities and counties surrounding Denver to create a thriving economy in Colorado.

UNE’s current approach involves multiple strategies woven together, including:

  1. Community Organizing that builds a base of members, leadership and power that wins change.
  2. Electoral Organizing that engages, educates, and organizes a powerful voting block to build electoral power.
  3. Winning Bold Policy solutions that address systemic and historic forms of oppression, such as racism.
  4. Alliance Organizing that grows the partnerships necessary to win systemic change.
  5. Making meaning by weaving a Narrative that explains how we got here and creates the space for us to imagine the world we can build.

UNE’s Organizing Model builds leadership and power in low-income communities through a democratic organization of community members who advocate for themselves around issues of shared concern. Campaigns focused on local, winnable issues build people’s skills and sense of power, and lay the foundation for broader campaigns at the state and federal level that tackle root causes and win structural change.

To learn more about each of UNE’s strategies and how we bring them together to build people power for racial and economic justice, read UNE’s Strategic Plan.

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