Mission, Vision & Principles

Graphic illustration of arms encircling a group of people standing in the center


UNE builds people power for racial and economic justice by:
  • Organizing in our communities across race
  • Winning bold policy solutions for all
  • Building a multiracial voting majority to transform economic, political and social system

Graphic illustration of people standing in front of houses with a heart above them


UNE envisions vibrant, strong communities with the power to build an economic, political and social system where human lives are valued over profit and our common humanity triumphs over those that try to divide us by race and class.

United for a New Economy


Organizing Builds Power

UNE organizes and centers the voices of our most directly impacted grassroots members to address systemic oppression at the root cause.

Racial Justice is Economic Justice

UNE confronts racism – classism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism, and xenophobia to ensure that our social, economic and political systems work for all, no exceptions.

Structural Reforms Build Power

UNE campaigns shift power to the people by reforming our economic, political and social systems to serve our and our planet’s health and well-being.

Making Meaning Matters

UNE draws from the values and experiences of our people to weave a narrative that creates a shared understanding of inequities, builds alliances and expands our ideas of what is possible.