Our greatness comes when we appreciate each other’s strengths, when we learn from each other, when we lean on each other.”

– Michelle Obama

Cynthia Barragán

Community Organizer |  she/her/hers

Cynthia is a Community Organizer at UNE. She works to empower community members to create intentional relationships, giving them tools and resources to create change in their communities. Cynthia works primarily in Aurora with those who have been consistently marginalized and most disproportionately impacted by social and economic oppression, including low-income, people of color (POC) and immigrant populations, to work on issues of economic and racial justice in the city, county and state. 

Cynthia grew up in a supportive and cohesive community that gave her a sense of power, agency and belonging. As a young person, she had early experiences with nonprofit organizations that built community by investing in long-term relationships as a strategy to create social change. This foundation has given her the confidence to work for social justice. She first experienced the power of collective action when she attended a lobby day at the state capitol. It was impactful not only because she took action for an issue she cared about (ensuring undocumented people are able to access COVID relief funds), but also because she joined with others who took time out of their work days to advocate together. She wants to share the confidence she gained at that event with others in her community so that we can all know what it feels like to be included, so that side by side we can fight for everyone to have the resources to thrive.

Cynthia brings strong relationship building and community building skills to UNE. She coordinated volunteers and nonprofit organizations to meet the needs of community members in Fort Collins while doing unpaid work for her sorority. In every job she’s had, Cynthia has learned how to interact with and build relationships with different kinds of people. She believes you can always learn something from each person you meet. She is very excited to bring people from different backgrounds together around a common goal to win change in Colorado.