April 30, 2019
Celesté Martinez 303-968-6580,
Andrea Chiriboga-Flor, (978) 516-8996,

The Door Remains Locked for Colorado Cities and Counties to Fully Address the Housing Crisis

Denver- On Tuesday, April 30, the Colorado State Senate laid over SB19-225 until after the 2019 legislative session. This key legislation would have repealed Colorado’s current statewide prohibition on rent stabilization and other local housing solutions and granted local cities and counties the authority to create those solutions.

Sen. Gonzales stated afterward, “I’m committed to bringing this legislation back next year so our local governments have every tool at their disposal to address the housing crisis.” Primary sponsors, Rep. Gonzales-Gutierrez, Rep. Lontine and Sen. Rodriguez, also echoed their ongoing commitment to moving similar legislation forward in 2020.

United for a New Economy Organizing Director, Celesté Martinez, emphasized after the vote: “This legislation is the top priority of our membership and the Colorado Homes for All coalition. We will continue to organize to pass this key legislation until our communities have every door open to them to address the housing crisis:”

SB19-225 ultimately gained the endorsement of over 60 community organizations, unions, residential communities, faith groups, local businesses and local landlords. Among those backing the bill was local landlord Amanda Gonzalez. During the Senate State Military and Veteran Affairs Committee hearing, Gonzalez testified stating, “Since 2015, I have not increased the rent for my tenants. I do this because when rents are stabilized, I can guarantee that my tenants can pay rent on time, they can remain longer in their homes, and they can truly invest in the communities where they live.”

The legislation also included the support of several local elected officials from Denver, Aurora, Adams County and Summit County. During the SB-225 senate committee hearing, many local elected officials emphasized how extensively the 1981 prohibition is tying their hands from implementing the best affordable housing solutions.

“This is not over. Our fight to repeal the 1981 prohibition is just beginning,” proclaimed Andrea Chiriboga-Flor, 9to5 Co-Director.

For more information regarding the updates on SB19-225 and the ongoing effort to stabilize rent in Colorado watch the Colorado Homes for All Facebook Live response here.


Colorado Homes for All is a coalition of individuals and organizations who have come together from every corner of Colorado to build a grassroots housing movement for equity and justice for all people.

9to5 Colorado’s mission is to build a movement to achieve economic justice by engaging directly affected women to improve their working conditions. We are a multi-racial, grassroots non-profit organization that combines advocacy, public education, and leadership development to achieve economic justice.

Colorado Legal Services - Renters' Rights legal Clinic Opens in Adams County Press Release on UNE - United for a New Economy Colorado

Adams County Renters' Rights Legal Aid Clinic Opens Doors January 7


Press Contact:
Aimee Matheny

Adams County Renters' Rights Legal Aid Clinic Opens Doors January 7

Denver, Co- January 4, 2019

Over the past two years, UNE members in Westminster have identified that one of the greatest needs for renters has been availability of access to free legal representation in cases of eviction and lease violations. UNE members are grateful to see the Adams County clinic officially open to serve local residents, and await with great anticipation the city of Westminster releasing final details on the local clinic that will be housed to at the Irving St Library.


The Adams County Legal Aid Clinic is open on Mondays from 8am-5pm.
The Adams County Courthouse Office is available to walk-ins. If an applicant does walk in to the office in the courthouse, the case will be prioritized based upon the return date given to the applicant.


What documents do I need to access services?
It is helpful if the tenants have any notices or other communications from their landlord, as well as the summons and complaint, if they are already in court. Otherwise, the only necessary document would be a valid Legal Permanent Resident card, or other proof of immigration status, for non-citizens.

What is the income range for this service?
Colorado Legal Services will be serving Adams County residents whose income is less than 200% of the Federal poverty level.

What if I speak a language other than English or Spanish?
CLS has an account with a telephone interpreter service.

Will there be accommodations if I have a disability?
Any applicants with disabilities will always be accommodated to the best of CLS’s abilities.
For example, if ASL services are needed, and not available from the court or county, we will hire an ASL interpreter service at our expense.

Are appointments needed? Are walk-ins ok?

  • The Adams County Courthouse Office is available to walk-ins. If an applicant does walk in to the office in the courthouse, the case will be prioritized based upon the return date given to the applicant (those tenants with answers due on that day will be assisted first).
  • Services at the Westminster Irving Street Library will be by appointment beginning early 2019.
  • In the future, additional locations may also offer appointment options

Are there any fees?

CLS does not charge for services. The only time CLS will request reimbursement will be towards litigation expenses, but only if the client can afford to reimburse CLS thereafter.


Colorado Homes for All - Reclaim, Remain, Rebuild Our Cities

Warranty of Habitability Bill HB 18-1397 Goes to Senate Floor


Press Contact:
Aimee Matheny

Warranty of Habitability Bill HB 18-1397 Moves to Senate Floor

GRASSROOTS EFFORT TO WIN RENTER’S PROTECTIONS AT THE STATE LEGISLATURE MOVES TO STATE SENTATE Denver, Co- On Thursday, May 3rd 2018, Colorado took a huge step forward in the fight for Warranty of Habitability (HB 18-1397). Colorado renters are suffering because of problems with the current statute. Renters across Colorado are forced to live in unsafe conditions because of delayed repairs, are forced to pay for temporary housing when repairs are not made, face retaliation for voicing their concerns to landlords, and some end up having to pay a significant fee for breaking their lease when conditions become too unbearable. “The Colorado house vote to pass Warranty of Habitability forward today is a major victory for Colorado renters. Landlords should be working with us to ensure that our homes are safe, quality places to live."says UNE member, Gloria. HB 18-1397 would eliminate the presumption of retaliation in favor of the landlord, define a “reasonable” timeframe for repairs, which would be between 24-72 hours from the time of the complaint, provide the right to withhold a portion of their rent, reinforce the right to break a lease if uninhabitable conditions persist, and more. Special thank you to Representative Dominique Jackson for her continued support and leadership, the Colorado Homes For All coalition is looking forward to the next steps in the fight for renters rights across Colorado.


United for a New Economy Leaders to March for Equality & Launch Membership Outreach for Community Power

Media Advisory

Press Contact: Shanta Farrington, 720-212-1221

United for a New Economy Leaders to March for Equality & Launch Membership Outreach for Community Power

Westminster, CO– On Saturday, February 24th, members of United for a New Economy (UNE) will launch a Westminster/Adams County chapter to build grassroots people power and policy change. The start of what is to be a 60 day campaign lead by local residents is intended to connect, develop and motivate residents to take action on issues important to the Adams/Westminster community; some issues already identified, but not limited to are: housing, immigration, education, racial, worker rights and renters’ protections.

UNE member Veronica stated, “There is a lot of discrimination in the schools and in the workplace. We have to fight for a better future.” UNE Member Veronica.

“We need to fight for equality. Our families are suffering and need support from a strong community. UNE will support us to do that.” UNE Member Elena.

The March for Equality will be a demonstration of love and energy that UNE members have for the city and to show the power in people coming together on issues impacting them most.

Who: United for a New Economy
What: March for Equality
When: Saturday, February 24th, 2018 at 12PM
Where: Irving St Library, 7392 Irving St, Westminster, CO 80030
Visuals: Marching & Chants, Signs



Aviso para medios de comunicación

Contactar: Shanta Farrington, 720-212-1221

Líderes de ‘United for a New Economy’ Marchan por Igualdad y Lanzan Alcance de Membresia para Poder de la Comunidad

Westminster, CO– Sábado, el 24 de febrero, miembros de United for a New Economy (UNE) lanzaran un capítulo local en Westminster y el Condado de Adams para crecer poder de la gente y cambios en pólizas locales. El comienzo de lo que será una campaña de 60 dias, liderado por residentes locales es destinado a conectar, desarrollar y motivar residents para tomar acción en asuntos importantes a la comunidad de Westminster y el condado de Adams; algunos asuntos ya identificados son: la vivienda, inmigración, educación, justicia de la raza, y derechos de inquilinos y trabajadores.

“Hay mucho discriminacion en las escuelas y en las trabajos. tenemos que luchar por un mejor futuro.”  Miembro de UNE, Veronica.

“Tenemos que luchar por equidad. Nuestras familias estan sufriendo y necesitan apoyo de una comunidad fuerte. UNE nos puede ayudar.” Elena, miembro de UNE

La marcha por igualdad demostrara el amor y energía que tengan miembros de UNE por su comunidad y para mostrar el poder que hay cuando la gente está unido.


Quien: United for a New Economy
Que: Marcha por Igualdad
Cuando: Sábado, 24 de febrero 2018 a las 12pm (mediodía)
Donde: Biblioteca de Irving St. 7392 Irving St, Westminster, CO 80030
Visuales: Personas marchando, gritando, pancartas


UNE Leaders Join Thousands Of Immigrant Rights Activists in Washington, D.C.


Friday, December 8th, 2017

Shanta Farrington, United for a New Economy, 720-212-1221

United for a New Economy (UNE) Leaders Join Thousands Of Immigrant Rights Activists in Washington, D.C. Demanding Passage of Clean Dream Act & Permanent Residency Status For TPS Holders

UNE went in solidarity Colorado delegation to join in immigration national day of action

Colorado & Washington DC — On December 6th, leaders and staff of United for a New Economy (UNE) joined a Colorado delegation of immigrant rights activists in Washington, DC, calling on Congress to pass a Clean Dream Act and permanent residency for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders.

The group started the day meeting with Colorado Congress representatives where they had meaningful conversations on what it would mean to support a Clean Dream Act and the urgency for protected TPS status. For Pamela Resendiz Trujano, UNE Deputy Director, it’s a pressing issue and even took part in what’s coined one of the largest mass civil disobedience arrests in the immigration fight.

Trujano said, “… I feel the urgency to risk arrest for my siblings who benefit from TPS, for the undocumented workers who have been forced to migrate to find work and survive at jobs that don’t value their dignity, for the trans folxs in detention who continue to be attacked by a system that is killing them, and for my community who is resilient and unapologetic in reclaiming their humanity.”

Locally in Colorado, solidarity actions were held all week from members of the Colorado Rapid Response (CoRRN), including:  Mi Familia Vota, SEIU local 105, The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, AJUA (Asociación de Jóvenes Unidos en Acción), the Northern Colorado Dreamers United, Padres y Jovenes Unidos, Colorado People’s Alliance, 9to5 Colorado.

By passing the Dream Act and saving TPS families, Congress will protect millions from deportation and ensure they can live their lives and thrive. The Dream Act would create a pathway to citizenship for two million immigrants, it is bipartisan and supported by most Americans.

In a time where tensions are high for immigrants across the nation and TPS holders, UNE leaders felt the call to stand up and take action. As UNE leader, Fabian Ibarra said, “This moment mattered because it showed that we can come together and fight for one cause and that people power can and does work…actions we take today, can directly impact the changes made tomorrow.”

The Colorado Rapid Response Network continues to encourage people to call the 24-hour hotline 1-877-UNITE-41 if you are targeted by ICE or if you are witnessing ICE at courts or in the streets.