Without access to affordable housing, it is impossible for working people to provide a comfortable life for their families. Colorado is experiencing an affordable housing crisis, and entire communities of color that have been in the city for decades are being displaced to make way for fancy new high rise apartments. UNE has fought alongside our community to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality affordable housing. UNE is also working with our leaders to ensure that renters have more rights and access to legal representation. We will fight empower renters who not only deal with skyrocketing rents, but also landlords who create unsafe living conditions for tenants or exploit their documentation status in order to force them out and increase their profits. UNE believes that affordable housing is a human right, and will continue to stand with our community until this right is realized.

Sign that says Development without DisplacementUNE’s Westminster & South Adams chapter, has been working on housing justice issues within the community of Westminster, Colorado for over two years. Due to the housing boom in the Denver-Metro area, many families have been moving to the suburbs to find more affordable places to live, but unfortunately the suburbs are now reaching the point of unaffordability. As more families who once called Westminster home are forced to leave due to housing costs, members of the city knew something had to be done. This group is currently tackling issues such as renter’s rights and affordable housing development and preservation within in the city. In the state of Colorado, there are very few protections for tenants. For that reason, members are fighting for local renter’s rights policies to include: Translated Leases, Mandatory Receipts as well as a Free Legal Clinic. In addition to the lack of renter’s rights in the state, there are also very little options for families searching for dignified and affordable places to live. The group of residents is also fighting for an affordable housing trust fund which would include a community advisory board to allow for thoughtful community engagement and that prioritizes low income and extremely low income residents and projects aimed at serving residents within that income range. These issues rose up from community members speaking out about what mattered most to them, what issues were impacting them the most, and what they believed could be done to truly make changes in their community. The local chapter is comprised of homeowners and renters alike as well as parents, students, and faith leaders who see a need for justice in their community of Westminster, Colorado.

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