UNE is working to ensure that renters in Colorado are able to live in dignity in safe and stable housing where they can put down their roots without fear of displacement. Our work seeks to create a more even playing field for renters to take on corporate landlords and gain access to the policy tools necessary for renters to have affordable rents and dignified housing.

UNE is working to advance a tax code in Colorado that addresses historic inequities in three ways (a) ensure that corporations and wealthy individuals pay their fair share for our collective good (b) create a processes for spending tax revenue that prioritize the well-being of low-income people, people of color and immigrants (c) create a broad understanding amongst low income people and people of color of the impact of fair taxes on their lives.

Man holds a sign at a rally that says "respect workers' rights"


UNE is working to increase the number of low income people and people of color participating in our elections and democracy so that our political systems are more accountable to our communities.