Without access to affordable housing, it is impossible for working people to provide a comfortable life for their families. Colorado is experiencing an affordable housing crisis, and entire communities of color that have been in the city for decades are being displaced to make way for fancy new high rise apartments. UNE has fought alongside our community to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality affordable housing. UNE is also working with our leaders to ensure that renters have more rights and access to legal representation. We will fight empower renters who not only deal with skyrocketing rents, but also landlords who create unsafe living conditions for tenants or exploit their documentation status in order to force them out and increase their profits. UNE believes that affordable housing is a human right, and will continue to stand with our community until this right is realized.

Workers make our economy run, but unfortunately they are not treated that way. UNE believes that we must do better. Workers deserve a fair and equitable wage, regardless of race or immigration status. Workers and their communities deserve to benefit from economic growth as much as those at the top, with access to high quality jobs and meaningful, effective government services. And, to put it simply, workers deserve to be treated like human beings, not commodities. No one should have to choose between losing their job and caring for their newborn child or sick spouse, and UNE stands with workers as they fight for a better life for themselves and their families.

Since the recent election we’ve had to dig deep and build even stronger networks of immigrant rights activists who are ready to stand up to law enforcement and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).  UNE is ready and willing to continue the fight for our immigrant brothers and sisters who are trying to navigate a system ready to force them away. UNE has joined a coalition of organizations across the country via rapid response strategies and fighting to combat forced family deportations.

In cities across the country, millions of dollars are being spent on over-policing policies that target immigrant communities and communities of color, leading to mass incarceration, deportation, unfair harassment and dehumanization. Black and Brown communities are facing a host of shared challenges—a lack of good jobs, a limited supply of affordable, quality housing and law enforcement practices that are neither respectful nor effective.

UNE’s approach to racial justice is two fold: internal and external.

Internally UNE staff is onboarded and required to take part in racial justice trainings, sessions and caucuses for our staff of color and white allies, as we believe this work is emotional, it’s important we create those spaces of self care. Our trainings include, but not limited to: the four I’s of oppression, readings and reflection participation and a racial justice committee. Externally, UNE promotes and uses our internal tools of racial justice as we navigate different communities around Colorado. We use campaigns, research, and advocacy to assist our communities in creating a society where structural oppression is eradicated and all people can control their social, economic, and political destinies.

Our society faces a myriad of challenges deeply rooted in white supremacy and historical policies that require advocates to meet this moment with bold visioning and complex strategies.