Civic Engagement

No matter where we come from, what we look like, or what we believe in, we all deserve to have our voices heard and represented in democracy. We value the ability to make decisions that impact our lives–from making housing affordable and preventing unjust evictions to restructuring our tax systems and holding corporations accountable. 

But now, certain factions are trying to divide us and disenfranchise us. They want to exclude us from civic opportunities and neglect us as potential voters. They want us to believe that our vote doesn’t matter and won’t lead to the changes that we want to see in our communities. 

When we come together, we have the power to make our voices heard. UNE members build their collective power and strength by engaging with elected officials, pushing policy needs, and holding leaders and systems accountable. The strength of our community lies in our resilience, our shared vision, and the ability to organize across our differences. Working in partnership with those we elect is pivotal. It builds an inclusive society where policies reflect the will of us, the people. Together, we can elect leaders who co-govern with us and make the promise of democracy real for us all.


UNE’s Civic Engagement Goals:

UNE is working to increase the number of low income people and people of color participating in our elections and democracy so that our political systems are more accountable to our communities. UNE is actively working to shift this narrative to encourage communities to increase their year-round civic engagement at the local and state level by engaging their elected officials and learning about and voting on ballot initiatives. Our members regularly meet with public officials at the state and local levels, holding them accountable to their constituents and communities. These experiences allow members to build powerful civic relationships in their communities that make policy change possible.


UNE’s specific campaigns/policy priorities:

  • Civic engagement in the legislative process at the local and state level. UNE works with community members to engage their public officials in formal meetings, lobbying visits, texting, emailing and other public actions to form lasting civic relationships and exercise political power. In the 2024 state legislative session, UNE members gave testimony on HB24-1098 Cause Required for Eviction of Residential Tenants, HB24-1007 Prohibit Residential Occupancy Limits, HB 24-1051 Towing Carrier Regulation, and SB24-094 Safe Housing for Residential Tenants, all of which were signed into law. UNE also mobilized thousands of Coloradans to email their elected officials to urge them to pass the Just Cause Evictions bill that was signed into law in 2024.