Imagine if all Coloradans could have everything they need to not just survive, but really thrive – good schools, good-paying jobs, high quality healthcare in every neighborhood. These are the community building blocks all families deserve.  

But the wealthy few don’t pay their fair share of taxes, so essential community resources – like public schools, workforce programs and health clinics – are underfunded. Our current tax system makes it more expensive to be poor than rich, enabling the rich to further fill their pockets as low and middle income people struggle. 

In order to more deeply understand voters’ beliefs and shape voter perceptions of our tax system, UNE has turned to deep canvassing. UNE is leading a deep canvass program in Adams County to listen to tax conflicted voters and develop a script that can be used at scale as part of a multiyear effort including defensive and proactive ballot campaigns in 2024 and 2026 that will address TABOR. In 2022 and 2023, UNE’s deep canvassing team worked with the New Conversations Initiative to iterate a deep canvassing script to overturn TABOR. This script will help people understand the impact and reality of Colorado’s current tax systems and the ways that corporations and the wealthy trick us into supporting tax cuts and other policies that hurt our state’s funding and only serve to line the pockets of the wealthy few. Through our deep canvassing efforts, we can help shift the narratives around taxes and turn the fight towards repealing TABOR. 


UNE’s Revenue Goals:

UNE is working to advance a tax code in Colorado that addresses historic inequities in three ways: 

  1. Ensure that corporations and wealthy individuals pay their fair share for our collective good; 
  2. Create a process for spending tax revenue that prioritizes the well-being of low-income people, people of color and immigrants; 
  3. Create a broad understanding amongst low income people and people of color of the impact of fair taxes on their lives. 


UNE’s specific policy priorities:

  • Pass a progressive income tax. Reduce economic inequality and ensure that we are all equitably contributing to well-funded community services by restructuring our tax system.
  • Repeal the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR). By requiring a flat income tax and placing a cap on our state’s budget, TABOR makes it so that the wealthiest in our state pay the lowest taxes and our government can’t afford to fund essential community programs.