Theory of Change

UNE’s “theory of change” explains how to transform economic and political systems that currently cater to the wealthy few (who divide us by race and class) to systems that work for all of us.
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Current Conditions

Economic, political and racial inequities

The wealthy few have rigged the economic, political and tax system and divided us based on race, leaving us without living-wage jobs, affordable housing, public infrastructure or functioning democracy.

  • Housing, a basic human need, costs more than people can afford because it’s a “commodity”
  • Public goods we all need to thrive, like public education and housing we can afford, are underfunded because the wealthy few refuse to pay what they owe
  • Greedy corporations enrich themselves instead of protecting our democracy and the public good
  • Wealthy corporations focus on profits instead of worker safety, living wages and benefits
  • The wealthy few contribute less to fund public goods than low and middle income families
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Our broad approach to local, state and national change
  • Community organizing that builds a base of members, leaders and power to win change
  • Electoral organizing that engages, educates and organizes a powerful voting block
  • Winning bold policy solutions that address systemic and historic forms of oppression
  • Alliance organizing that grow the partnerships necessary to win systemic change
  • Compelling narrative that builds across differences to imagine what is possible together
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Putting our strategies into action
  • Geography-based organizing to recruit members and build local power to make change
  • Leadership development on political analysis, vision and making change
  • Community education on local governments and political action
  • Research/policy development on racially just solutions to worker rights, housing and tax reform
  • Local, state and federal campaign wins that pave the way to long-term structural change
  • Alliance building to develop trust, alignment of vision, shared analysis and collaboration
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What we are creating
  • Accountable political systems due to participation of more low income people and people of color
  • Affordable and safe housing for renters
  • Living wages and portable benefits for all workers
  • Mutual care, support and a recognition of our interdependence
  • Public infrastructure and services sufficiently funded by a reformed tax code that makes corporations and the wealthy few pay their fair share
  • Improved lives due to UNE members identifying and winning local policy changes
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