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Aimee Matheny

Warranty of Habitability Bill HB 18-1397 Moves to Senate Floor

GRASSROOTS EFFORT TO WIN RENTER’S PROTECTIONS AT THE STATE LEGISLATURE MOVES TO STATE SENTATE Denver, Co- On Thursday, May 3rd 2018, Colorado took a huge step forward in the fight for Warranty of Habitability (HB 18-1397). Colorado renters are suffering because of problems with the current statute. Renters across Colorado are forced to live in unsafe conditions because of delayed repairs, are forced to pay for temporary housing when repairs are not made, face retaliation for voicing their concerns to landlords, and some end up having to pay a significant fee for breaking their lease when conditions become too unbearable. “The Colorado house vote to pass Warranty of Habitability forward today is a major victory for Colorado renters. Landlords should be working with us to ensure that our homes are safe, quality places to live.”says UNE member, Gloria. HB 18-1397 would eliminate the presumption of retaliation in favor of the landlord, define a “reasonable” timeframe for repairs, which would be between 24-72 hours from the time of the complaint, provide the right to withhold a portion of their rent, reinforce the right to break a lease if uninhabitable conditions persist, and more. Special thank you to Representative Dominique Jackson for her continued support and leadership, the Colorado Homes For All coalition is looking forward to the next steps in the fight for renters rights across Colorado.