Without the $600/week supplemental unemployment benefits set to expire August 1, thousands more families will likely no longer be able to cover rent, resulting in many more evictions after the moratorium ends. https://t.co/rpU3KboIRD

Marginalized Voices Are ‘Louder And More Powerful’ In This Colorado Moment Of Monument Retrospection https://t.co/PCKV9ZRrNC

Latino group launches $10M campaign to boost voter turnout; plans ads in Colorado. https://t.co/G6AgOUXa5A☑️☑️

"MONDAY, JULY 20, 2020 AT 11 AM – 12:30 PM
Colorado #StrikeForBlackLives Worker Town Hall https://t.co/gPxz8qxmNn"

Voice: For the youth leading the charge, the relentless demand for change and continued emails to school and community officials have marked their switch from being not just “not racist,” but anti-racist. https://t.co/pyust2PjI9🎤

Representation and voice matters. None of this was easy, some of it is not perfect, but we got a lot done. You shared your story. You called your state legislators and leaders. Guess what! Good things happened at our 2020 legislative session.